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Learn about the origins of The Harbor House.  Becky and Brandy are your hosts for this lovely vacation rental.

About Us

Becky & Brandy - The Full Story

Hi!  I'm Brandy and I'm going to tell you the story of how my friend Becky and I came to own The Harbor House.  

Just over 10 years ago, I started working in the telecom industry.  It was a great opportunity and I spent years building my career.  A while back, I met Becky through work.  She was a Project Manager and I was a Construction Manager.  In 2022, we started working together on the same project that was located in Florida.  Since we both worked remotely from home, it was only when we had team meetings in Florida that we truly got to spend time together and get to know one another.  We quickly became great friends and treasured those team meetings so that we could hang out after work.

Becky and I realized that we have a lot of things in common like family, career, our love for travel/vacationing, and even retirement goals.  We quickly made plans and went on our first vacation together.  Call us crazy, but we spent an entire week visiting old forts, reading historical markers, and staring at artifacts.  One night, after a long day of sightseeing, we sat down to eat dinner and started talking about our plans for the future.  I want to open a cheese shop and Becky had thoughts of running a Bed and Breakfast.  After some very long conversations, we realized that we could merge our ideas for the short term and start building our retirement together, without waiting on Uncle Sam to tell us to retire at 65.

Our new idea was to buy a house for short term rentals and use our collective skills to make it the best we could.  We discussed starting in either Ohio, where Becky lives, or Florida, where I live.  We agreed on Ohio and started looking for a house near Geneva On The Lake.  Not long after our search began, we found The Harbor House in Ashtabula.  We thought the house was adorable and it came with some great features, like a 2 car garage, a deck, and a sauna!  So we bought it!

After weeks of working through the things we wanted to change in the house, we finally had it the way we both wanted it.  It was to be a place that we would happily lay our heads down at night and feel safe and comfortable during the day.  We wanted our place to be everyone's place.  

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